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Church begins with like-minded people coming together to embrace their common spirituality and the belief that we are all just one and the same. Regardless of orientation, gender, religion, race, creed or nationality, we welcome you with open arms. You'll find we're not a traditional "my way or the highway" kind of church. In that regard, we're more the UNchurch; a movement of people, spiritually transforming Humankind into a more peaceful and kind world as we embark on our path of enlightenment, together.

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2987 Blue Star Memorial Highway
Suite # 105 PO Box 525,
Douglas MI 49406
United States

A Place For You

Find a place to connect and grow through a small group, class, or regular gathering.

Our LGBTQIA + Church


To offer spiritual church services and teachings of universal law, levels of human consciousness and the spiritual path to enlightenment to the LGBTQIA+ population and, all who seek, both online and in-person.
To offer clergy training and housing to those called.
To offer a Community Center for LGBTQIA+ population as well as like-minded allies.
To help victims of sexual, physical, and psychological abuse by establishing shelters, mental health support, therapy and long-term support programs and transitional housing.
To help dysfunctional and poverty-stricken individuals and families by providing therapy, rehabilitation, education, training, and shelter facilities, including those suffering from alcohol and/or drug abuse and addiction, domestic violence and sexual abuse.
To help homeless LGBTQ members and runaway teens transition to permanent housing arrangements and safe and productive lives, by providing group homes, programs, and assistance.
To offer food, shelter and refuge to all living beings in need, including animals.
To foster Peace, Social Justice, and the Spiritual Transformation of Humankind.
To establish our Presence, Church, Outreach and Benevolence programs in all parts of the world.
To be the face of God to all we encounter.


Our Small Groups help you connect!

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Our Classes and Workshops help you learn what you want to learn and grow how you want to grow.

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Our Support Groups are friends who understand what you're going through, because they are going through the same thing.

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