Our Belief

We assert that:

Religion is a relationship between God and individuals, as well as communities. It is primarily about people, before any church or clergy.

There can be multiple paths to reach and know God and to achieve Enlightenment. We do not discriminate against different religions or belief systems. Our doors are open to people of all faiths and spiritualities, and to people of no specific faith, including those proclaiming atheism and agnosticism. We accept and welcome all who seek.

LGBTQ individuals are as much a progenitor and source of spirituality and religious experience as any other human being. Their inclusion or exclusion is not a matter to be decided by any church or religious institution, their participation is an institution unto itself. They have an inherent human and spiritual right to; interpret any and all scriptures written in any and all holy books of any and all religions, spiritualities, practices, and ways of being, mobilize themselves and organize into churches and congregations as they deem appropriate.

Any response or reaction to their inclusion or exclusion is superfluous. All religious and spiritual members of LGBTQ communities are an integral part of church and spirituality.

Due to years of discrimination, many individuals in the LGBTQ community have distanced themselves from religion despite their inner spiritual needs and aspirations. We intend to remedy this damage and loss by providing our church specifically for; LGBTQ and all other people who have been driven from or left behind exclusive conventional churches. We are open and welcoming to all individuals, regardless of any and all other religious creeds, spiritualities, and beliefs, as well as any and all races and nationalities, who share our vision of promotion of peace, social justice and the spiritual transformation of humankind.

Our Solution

We plan to provide, spiritual church services and teachings of Universal Law, with a focus on the levels of human consciousness, kindness, gratitude, forgiveness, love, and the elevation of all humans to enlightenment. We accept there are many paths to enlightenment and that we represent just one path: equal and valid in its own right.

Our flagship House of Spiritual Enlightenment shall provide spiritual enrichment, training and fellowship as well as class studies of yoga, meditation, major religions, levels of human consciousness and personal development for congregants and followers both in person and virtually. We will also provide a spiritual magazine, radio station and video streaming and on-demand programming for spiritual outreach. Community outreach and support programs shall also be included in our services. Housed at our headquarter location shall be a Monastery and Seminary for the teaching and housing of clergy to be assigned to future church locations domestically, across the United States, followed by foreign locations in other nations around the globe. We will provide a Monastic Retreat for monastic living of our clergy and for the teaching of ZEN Living to congregant participants as a viable retreat, at the same location. Additionally, our headquarters will provide an Education Center dedicated to training those who seek and an Event and Convention Center dedicated to hosting of symposiums, conventions, and events for any/all of our related services, programs, churches and clergy around the globe. Our flagship outreach programs will be developed and implemented locally in order to be expanded to each location in which we start a church, wherever need exists.