Dawn’s House

Dawn’s House of Healing and Recovery is a two-year comprehensive rehabilitation and recovery program with the purpose of providing a safe space for healing and recovery of dysfunctional, addicted, abused, and poverty-stricken individuals and families. A deep-rooted program provides opportunity that short-term “Band-Aid” programs cannot, because in the long-term journey of therapeutic self-discovery and continuing support, participants gain innate understanding of their life choices in the past, present and future.

Dawn’s House shall provide housing, mental, emotional and physical health therapies, personal development, parenting, budgeting, life skills, workplace skills and support groups, for those living lives of dysfunction. Residents participate in mental health therapies, are mentored toward learning to live independent and productive lives while overcoming their current situation. During the first six months of the program, residents shall focus only on what happened in their life to get them into their current situation with appropriate professional guidance and therapies; providing direction and tools to reconstruct their thought and reactive process to improve their quality of life, using the approaches they learn. During the following eighteen months, residents continue in appropriate therapy, support programs and classes, while pursuing education, vocational training or other chosen preparation for becoming self-supporting, contributing members of society, while working and preparing for their eventual independent re-entry into the community.

Dawn’s House will include a Center for The Eradication of Generational Poverty, dedicated to education and training for those living lives of poverty, including appropriate mental health therapies, life skills classes, personal development classes, intrapersonal and interpersonal skills, budgeting, money-management and personal finance and investment classes, workplace skills, educational and vocational counseling and tuition assistance. These teachings shall include hands-on training and micro-financing for the entrepreneurial endeavors of participants. Participants may or may not be live-in residents of Dawn’s House.

Dawn’s House will also include a variety of housing shelters, therapies and support programs, groups, and services for victims of abuse stemming from their sexual orientation, and/or domestic relationships, including sexual, psychological and physical abuse. These housing shelters shall include an abuse shelter, a group home for minor LGBTQIA+ children who have run away or been driven away by their parents or guardians because of their sexual orientation or gender identity, and a half-way house for LGBTQIA+ adults working toward independent living and re-entry into society after experiencing financial collapse or other similar life-altering circumstance. All therapies and developmental classes shall be provided to all those in need regardless of race, creed, religion, natural origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity or intersectionality.

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