All People All Truths House of Enlightenment’s TT Ministry provides opportunities for all people to learn about our church philosophies and beliefs through pastoral sermons, teachings and interactive participation. This Ministry also hosts our Global Clergy Alliance, which is dedicated to the spiritual transformation of humankind, the promotion of human rights, peace, and social justice, and to be inclusive of all clergy representing all religions and faiths willing to bond together and open discussion to create a united voice, platform and oneness with all people.


All People All Truths House of Enlightenment’s EDU Ministry develops and implements our Clergy School curriculum, edifies our clergy, teaches congregants, followers and other interested people, about our church’s philosophies, beliefs, and faith. Our EDU Clergy Team provides classroom instruction on subjects of interest such as Universal Law, Philosophy, Theology, World Religions, Spirituality, Levels of Human Consciousness, the attainment of Enlightenment, and the power and impact of the Individual Human Effect on humanity.


All People All Truths House of Enlightenment’s Worship Ministry creates and promotes music that expresses, inspires and strengthens faith, hope, peace and love in congregants and welcomes the stranger by providing inspiration to the wider community outside our church. Worship strengthens our church’s connection while helping to establish and promote our spiritual presence and alliance with all people.


All People All Truths House of Enlightenment’s Communications Ministry develops, Implements, and fosters communication between our clergy, congregants, and the wider community outside the church using our radio station, magazine, podcasts, videos, digital media, social media, and other online platforms, as well as offline platforms such as events, public speaking engagements, advertising and marketing platforms. Coordinates internal and external communication activities of the church to ensure timely, effective, and intentional communications that enhance the visibility and beliefs of the church.


All People All Truths House of Enlightenment’s Fellowship Ministry grows and strengthens congregants and pastoral alliances. Strives to connect and introduce individual churchgoers to each other and to clergy in a social atmosphere in order to forge a more personal bond. Fellowship empowers clergy to nurture interpersonal relationships and enhance and inspire our larger contribution to humankind.


All People All Truths House of Enlightenment’s Finance Ministry oversees the management of the church’s resources, including finances, assets, fundraising, donor management, grants, physical facilities, and the supervision of the administrative and custodial staff.


All People All Truths House of Enlightenment’s LGBTQIA+ Community Ministry extends community gathering space to advance open mindedness and eradicate dogma surrounding LGBTQIA+ people. The gathering space is the Ministry’s Community Center and intentionally promotes an atmosphere of authentic living without discrimination, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. The Community Center is committed to uplifting the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersectionality, Asexual and Allies (LGBTQIA+) community through fellowship, social activism and support on local levels.

It provides social justice training and education, social activities, networking, classes, workshops, coordination of PRIDE events, and social justice demonstrations, as a guiding light to build coalitions and awaken individual awareness. These programs begin online and continue later, both online and in-person.
The LGBTQIA+ Community Ministry also hosts our LGBTQIA+ global Community Center Alliance dedicated to addressing social justice and human rights issues with a unified global voice, joined by community centers across the US and around the globe.
We believe employment and home ownership are fundamental rights for LGBTQIA+ individuals just as they are for all other people. The Community Center’s Employment Curriculum helps community members find stable employment in supportive workplaces and provides an array of tailor-made services and training to support participants’ job pursuits and networking prospects. To further assist the community with skills and resources needed to develop financial security and create wealth, we offer Housing and Financial Services with targeted training and education focused on money management, permanent housing, and overall financial health.
There’s no two ways about it, Small Business Mentoring helps businesses succeed! Because entrepreneurship is key to creating a thriving community, our Center offers a variety of programs, including one-on-one counseling, classes, workshops and business coaching for LGBTQIA+ owned businesses.
While providing our population with events, resources, and partnerships destined to strengthen our diverse landscape, our Community Workshop Series also helps socialize, organize, and build our community. Adding visibility to the culture, history, and diversity of the LGBTQIA+ experience, our Arts & Culture Program hosts poetry slams, film screenings and artistic exhibitions in our Gallery while giving the entire community a comprehensive cultural experience.
The Center’s Support Outreach Includes AA, NA, GA, Al-Anon, dysfunction, grief, sexual abuse, domestic abuse, homelessness, generational poverty and other support and mental health programming, therapies, shelter and assistance for LGBTQIA+ people.
Our Community Center provides community resources, information, referrals and assistance to help you find the services you require while connecting you with guidance and support when you are in need. Our Information & Referral Program links our community members to much-needed resources. Our Welcome Desk helps connect you with community members and services and is available online, whenever you find yourself needing resources.


All People All Truths House of Enlightenment’s Wedding Ministry plans performs and hosts LGBTQIA+ Weddings.


All People All Truths House of Enlightenment’s Social Justice Ministry fosters and advances our perspective of Social Justice and human rights for LGBTQIA+ all other people. The Eradication of Racism, Discrimination and Poverty is integral; both inside and outside our church. This Ministry endeavors to strengthen our church’s visibility while establishing our spiritual presence, leadership and alliance. We Shepherd opportunities for all people to understand our vision of Social Justice and join our Human Rights initiative.
OUTREACH; PHILANTHROPY MINISTRY: All People All Truths House of Enlightenment’s Philanthropy Ministry develops, implements, and champions Humanitarian and Benevolent Programs while fostering altruistic concern for human welfare and advancement. Our goal is to strengthen and assist the LGBTQIA+ Community as well as all people in need. Our planned services include Housing Shelters and long-term transformation programming for Juvenile Runaways, Homelessness, Addiction, Dysfunction, and those suffering Physical, Emotional, Psychological, and Sexual Abuse as well as a center for the Eradication of Generational Poverty.

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