Our LGBTQ Church

“Every single American-Gay, Straight, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender- Every single American deserves to be treated equally in the Eyes of the law and in the eyes of our society.” ~President Obama

Churches have for many years alienated a population of individuals because of strict dogma. All People All Truths House of Enlightenment is not part of a particular sect or religion. It recognizes as valid, all faiths, all religions and all spiritual paths to Truth. LGBTQIA+ people have always been a potentially inclusive part of church, not the originator of the church. A PATH changes all that. It is a home church for all LGBTQIA+ as originators of the church, its mission and its beliefs.
We are aware that many churches' restrictive judgements and their responses to LGBTQIA+ individuals have shattered the community’s image of what church should be. A PATH is a spiritual church focused on individual human consciousness and spiritual transformation as the path to enlightenment, while universal law assumes a forefront position as the predictor of what is. The church encourages you to question everything—including all the dogma your life subjected you to, discover your own truths and decide what it is you believe. Church is now a place where all people and all truths are welcomed with open arms. We promise our church will never cause you to feel emotionally or spiritually cut off and instead, it is our desire for you to feel loved and accepted and valued. All People All Truths House of Enlightenment replaces the archaic dogma that has affected people so erroneously with acceptance and love. You no longer need to believe you are less-than, judged or isolated by your church family. You’re amazing and we know it!
“It is absolutely imperative that every human being’s freedom. And human rights are respected, All over the world.” ~ Johanna Sigurðardóttir


From the time we are young, we experience the molding of our beliefs and values. These are often family values, church values, and values of authority figures. We live much, if not all, of our childhood in a setting where people tell you how and what to believe. As we begin to mature, it is normal to begin to challenge our original thoughts and question, change, and rearrange our thinking; and this process of questioning the dogma handed down to us is psychologically healthy for us. Even though we rationally know that we need to question and adapt our behavior, it usually means we are impaired by fear. Our fear of not belonging, fear of religious persecution, fears of alienation from family, friends and society keep us from ridding ourselves of the dogma surrounding us. These fears greatly impact us, hamper our spiritual growth, leave us stuck in a lower level of consciousness than we otherwise may well achieve. This, in turn, impacts our own self-worth.
It is a shame that religion has been one of the biggest offenders creating fear within the LGBTQIA+ population. Traditional beliefs have notoriously told people that homosexuality is wrong and sinful. A baseless theory that does not exist in historical religious books; instead, it is only a false interpretation created and unsubstantiated by religious leaders—yet practiced in churches on every corner, although it is completely fictitious.
“When you’ve grown up mis-educated, surrounded by fear and hate, unaware of your privilege, lies can sound like the truth.” ~ Dr. DaShanne Stokes

While the work to undo the decades-long, dominant, and exclusionary variations of these passages is essential, more importantly, it stifles LGBTQIA+ people to explore the true meaning of their spiritual nature. All people are naturally afraid of isolation, judgment, rejection, and threats of intimidation and as such, it is difficult to align with many religious communities. Church, more often than not, becomes a thing of the past for LGBTQIA+ people once they experience the negative reaction shown them or others in a church environment. This makes perfect sense—why would any of us continue to subject ourselves to the exact treatment we fear? It is true, however, that when offered a better alternative and experience, both those long-held fears of judgment and the beliefs of the churches to judge, can soon vanish.
The problem lies in getting there, because LGBTQIA+ people (around the world) are currently judged, discriminated against, terrorized, and often fall victim to violent hate crimes and death because of these in-grained and false belief systems. This, then, isolates them, and forces them to conceal who they are. Of course, this camouflage has a domino effect by not only depriving them of their human rights, denying their spiritual connection to like-minded religious groups, but also robs humankind of the many contributions lost by their absence. The denial of the rich contribution LGBTQIA+ people might offer to the common good of humanity is a tremendous loss to civilization. And where's the sense in that?
Widespread discrimination of any ethnicity, class of people, gender, religion, sexual orientation or gender identity diminishes us as a people and as a society. It demonizes and sidelines entire swaths of talented and intelligent human beings, limiting their human rights, religious freedom, and positive influence on society.
Discrimination is especially true in religion, which constitutes an intensely personal and fundamental set of beliefs for any individual. The problem here lies in the fact that religion's entire narrative is deeply rooted in the church as the administrator. Simultaneously, the congregants become disciples relegated to serving only as recipients of that religion. Nowhere does traditional religion allow for open religious discourse and engaged spiritual experiences by all peoples regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identification. It is flawed logic that makes outcasts of people based on sexual orientation and gender identity.
In all fairness, there are a growing number of churches that now “accept and welcome” LGBTQIA+ people. Some actually do see LGBTQIA+ people simply as part of their church family; a good sign that some religions are coming around to the understanding of us all being equal—a wonderful improvement in the last ten years. It has even become rather posh for churches to advertise “We welcome gays!” so that they can look as though they are accepting to some of their congregants who actually expect such equality. But...when LGBTQIA+ individuals are lucky enough to find a church where they are welcomed and accepted the next problem rears its ugly head; the religion of the welcoming church does not often match up with the beliefs or religion of the individual. This is a huge obstacle in the path of most LGBTQIA+ people. For example:

  • A Catholic in a Tao Temple?
  • A Jew in a Hindu Mandir?
  • An Evangelical Christian in a New Thought church?
  • Any Christian in a Muslim Mosque?

It stands to reason that if an LGBTQIA+ person actually finds an accepting church that they then have to squeeze themselves into a box and practice the organized religion or belief system of the church that will accept them, whether or not they align with the church’s Doctrine.
This entire religious argument contains certain basic assumptions that religion is the domain of traditional clergy and their interpretation of the holy books. It’s judgment of the LGBTQIA+ people dictates that there is “only one path to salvation or God” and that acceptance into the church is a matter to be solved by the church authorities, creating a binary choice: either accept someone or reject them. The other obvious assumption is that the LGBTQIA+ community as a whole, is indeed welcome at a growing number of churches—but the type of church does not offer a home to all religions and belief systems. Instead, the individual must cast aside their individual beliefs and accept the church doctrine as their own in order to be a member of any particular church and their religious doctrine.
The Truth is that the denial of any fundamental rights and freedoms is the denial of the essence of human existence, experience, and life on this planet as we know it. It is a denial of being human.
“Pride is not an LGBT celebration, it's a human rights celebration - it's a celebration of equality - it's a celebration of inclusion – it's a celebration of acceptance.” ― Abhijit Naskar


Two things need to happen: 1) The religious freedoms of LGBTQIA+ people need to be equal to their heterosexual counterparts and 2) Negative views of sexual orientation need to be erased and replaced with the notion that all love is the same. No one should have to choose between a life of anticipated “rejection from heaven" or experience of love or a supreme power. Love is given freely throughout the holy books and is ours for the taking. Only then will we, as a society, reap the benefit of all that humans have to offer and then live together as one.
“I believe we can all come together, because if you take away the labels, you realize we’re far more alike than we are different.” – Ellen DeGeneres


All People All Truths House Of Enlightenment (A PATH Of Enlightenment) is a Michigan Ecclesiastical Corporation recognized as a public charity (Church) in accordance with IRS 501(c)(3). Our website (APATHOE.com) and other online platforms provide our church services, universal truths, fellowship, support, and personal development programs specifically for LGBTQIA+ people and our physical church locations will soon follow.
The road to acceptance, understanding, and equal legal rights has been difficult for LGBTQIA+ communities worldwide. Therefore, our mission is to provide a church for all people and welcome all truths.
Our goal: to provide church services, for all those driven away from the church because of judgment and discrimination and those made to feel unworthy and unwelcome and clergy education, licensing and ordination, social, and benevolent outreach programs.
We assert that:

  • • Spirituality is a relationship between God and the individual, as well as with communities. It is primarily about people, before any church or clergy.
  • • There can be multiple paths to achieve enlightenment. We do not discriminate against different religions or belief systems. Our doors are open to people of all religions, faiths and spiritualities, to people of no specific faith, including those proclaiming atheism and agnosticism. We accept and welcome all who seek.
  • • LGBTQIA+ individuals are as much a source of spirituality and religious experience as any other human being. Their inclusion or exclusion in the religious experience is not a matter to be decided by any church or religious institution. They have an inherently human and spiritual right to interpret scriptures written in any of the holy books and to organize themselves into churches and congregations as they deem appropriate.

“The Lord is my Shepherd, and he knows I’m gay.” – Troy Perry

  • • All religious and spiritual members of LGBTQIA+ communities are an integral part of church and spirituality.
  • • Due to years of discrimination, many individuals in the LGBTQIA+ community have distanced themselves from religion despite their inner spiritual needs and aspirations. We intend to remedy this loss by providing our church specifically for LGBTQIA+ people, and all others who have been left behind by church and/or those like-minded. We are open and welcoming to all individuals, regardless of religious creeds, spiritualities, and beliefs, as well as all races and nationalities who share our vision of peace, social justice, and the spiritual transformation of humankind.

“I’ve been embraced by a new community. That’s what happens when you’re finally honest about who you are: you find others like you.” ~Chaz Bono


The following conclusions have been drawn from data we have collected:

  • • Despite having a vibrant and growing LGBTQIA+ population in the US, the country still faces significant challenges in giving these individuals and groups equal civil rights and freedom to practice the religion of their choice.
  • • The LGBTQIA+ community faces tremendous stress and anxiety generated by the conflict between faith and church doctrines on sexual orientation and gender identity.
  • • The general attitude of various faiths and churches is unfriendly towards LGBTQ.
  • • Statistics show that a relatively higher rate of LGBTQIA+ adults have no religious affiliation and are atheist compared to percentages for the non-LGBTQIA+ population.
  • • Despite these irreligious trends, most LGBTQIA+ adults in the US do hold religious beliefs and affiliation. And yet, those who have religious affiliations have had widely negative experiences in their chosen religious communities.

Based on this data, it is logical to conclude a dire need for an all-inclusive church that provides spiritual services for LGBTQIA+ communities with unconditional acceptance and opportunities for development, growth, and fellowship.
"We should indeed keep calm in the face of difference and live our lives in a state of inclusion and wonder at the diversity of humanity." —George Takei


All People All Truths House of Enlightenment’s initial local, domestic and global has been launched simultaneously online. All programs and services are conducted on various online platforms for ease of access and use, as we create and grow our physical presence. Our church services, educational offerings, benevolent and social justice outreach programs are offered online via the following platforms:

  • • A PATH’s Website located at APATHOE.com
  • • APATH Radio (Internet Radio accessible on website, app, and feeds)
  • • APATH TV (Internet Television Station various availabilities)
  • • A PATH’s YouTube Channel
  • • Facebook Live
  • • A PATH Mobile App
  • • A PATH’s Blog (located at APATHOE.com)
  • • Rainbow Initiative Online Store (located at APATHOE.com)
  • • Email (admin@APATHOE.com)


Upon construction of A Path’s headquarter campus, in-person services and programs shall also be provided. We will operate locally, nationally, and internationally in a phased in-person physical expansion.


Using conventional offline advertising, marketing and word-of-mouth, as well as online, digital, social media, website, and broadcasting platforms, we promote our church and attract potential pastors, congregants, donors, and program beneficiaries.


LGBTQIA+ National Community Center Alliance: dedicated to addressing social justice and human rights issues relevant to LGBTQIA+ individuals and groups with a unified voice nationally and globally while offering our online educational outreach to support the community of each Alliance Member Center. Online Educational Outreach includes: Employment Curriculum, Housing and Financial Services, Small Business Mentoring, Community Workshop Series, Arts & Culture Program, Support Outreach, Resource Information Center
Global Clergy Alliance: dedicated to addressing national and global issues relevant to the promotion of human rights, peace and social justice, and to be inclusive to clergy of all religions and faiths willing to bond together and open discussion to create a united voice, platform and oneness with all people. Our online platforms will provide ample communication platforms for discussion and planning to create potential solutions and strategies to address and solve national and global issues facing humanity.
“To realize a world of equality and dignity for all, we will have to change laws and policies; we will also have to change hearts and minds. Every sector and every person can play a role, speaking out to remind the world that it should not be illegal to live your life as you are and to live your life with whomever you love.” – Rick Parnell, Chief Operating Officer, UN Foundation


A PATH Ministries provide and support the church programs and wider community outreach. Outreach Ministries foster and promote benevolence, social justice, human rights, and work toward the eradication of hate, discrimination, prejudiced, racism, poverty, hunger, homelessness, abuse, addiction, and dysfunction.
Truth & Transformation Ministry: TT Ministry provides opportunities for all people to learn about our eclectic church philosophies and beliefs through pastoral truth encounters (sermons), teachings and interactive participation. Included is a virtual school with the purpose of education, licensing, ordination and assignment of clergy to our future church locations. (Our physical clergy school will be located at our headquarter campus.) We also seek to educate our congregants and other interested people on a variety of topics including Universal Law, Philosophy, Theology, World Religions, Spirituality, with step-by-step classroom instruction to raise the individual level of human consciousness toward the attainment of enlightenment, and the power and impact of the Individual Human Effect on humanity.
LGBTQIA+ Community Ministry: Extends community gathering space (Community Center) to advance open mindedness and eradicate dogma surrounding the LGBTQIA+ community through fellowship, social activism and support on local levels, we provide social justice training, and promotion of peaceful demonstrations and marches, as a guiding light to build coalitions and increase individual awareness. We also coordinate and host PRIDE events. Community Center programs are currently online and will also be offered in-person when our Community Center is completed. Outreach programming includes Employment Curriculum, Housing and Financial Services, Small Business Mentoring, Community Workshop Series, Arts & Culture Program Support Outreach (AA, NA, GA and Al-Anon, grief, and abuse support groups) Resource Information Center (community resources, information and assistance)
Outreach; Social Justice and Philanthropy Ministries: Fosters and advances our perspective of Social Justice for all people. The Eradication of Racism, Discrimination and Poverty is integral to this Ministry, both inside and outside our church in the wider community. Endeavors to strengthen our church’s visibility while establishing our spiritual presence, leadership and alliance. Our outreach shepherds opportunities for all people to understand our vision of Social Justice and join our Human Rights initiative. Develops, implements, and champions Humanitarian and Benevolent Programs while fostering altruistic concern for human welfare and advancement. Strengthens and assists the LGBTQIA+ Community, as well as all people and animals, within the congregation and in the wider community.


Wondering how you can get involved? Join our Sunday church services live streaming or on demand. Check out our daily meditations, and classes. Don’t forget to tune-in and listen to our variety of radio shows and participate in our small zoom groups on every topic imaginable. Binge-watch our YouTube Channel and visit us on Facebook Live. Grab some Rainbow Gear from our online store and check back often for new additions.
"We are made for goodness. We are made for Love. We are made for friendliness. We are made for togetherness. We are made for all of the beautiful things that you and I know. We are made to tell the world that there are no outsiders. All are welcome: black, white, red, yellow, rich, poor, educated, not educated, male, female, gay, straight, all, all, all. We all belong to this family, this human family, God's family." – Desmond Tutu, Nobel Peace Prize winner

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